January 25

Arrival and registration in Inter Continental Hotel (for provincial delegations) – Draft Agenda

January 26

08.00 - 09.00              Delegates registration in hall (for Kabul delegation)

09-00 - 09.20              Welcome by the ANCB & PeaceWaves
09.20 - 09.30              Peace in the vision of Islam
                                   Eng. Sayed Rahim Sattar, Vice Chairman of ANCB
09.30 - 09.50              1° Strengthening Peace through the vision of Civil Society
                                   Aziz Rafiee, Managing Director of ACSF
09.50 - 10.10              2° Foreign Military presence and concerns of the Afghan Civil Society
10.10 - 10.30              3° Development through enhancement of educational system
                                    by a University Dean

10.30-10.45                Tea break

10.45-11.05                4° Economic growth through micro credit activities & role of Civil Society
                                   Chamber of Commerce Representative
11.05-11.25                5° Women and children basic rights & the civil society approach
11.45-12.45                Orphanage’s event: flying kites exhibition by the orphans inside their orphanage                                    school and some journalist and conference members will attend and record that to                                    show on the last day of conference before presenting the resolution

12.45-14.15                Lunch and prayers

14.15-16.45                10 group discussions on the above mentioned topics
16.45-18.30                Groups’ moderators presentations
18.30-20.00                Italian Orchestra classic concert for World Social Forum DAY & dinner

January 27

08.00-09.00                Registration in hall (by all delegates)

09.00-09.20                6° Civil Society’s strengths and weaknesses and major challenges for its crucial role in                                    current situation
09.20-09.40                7° Major challenges for peace culture in Afghanistan and civil society role

09.40-10.00                8° How to strengthen the accountability of civil society entities and ways for self-                                    sustainability
                                   Dr. Niazi, FCCS
10.00-10.20                9° Watchdog role of civil society in the law enforcement and justice
                                   A lawyer by ACSF
10.20-10.40                10° The role of Afghan civil society in building peace through people to people soft
                                    diplomacy in the regional level
                                   Abdul Rahman Hotaki, Director Afghanistan Human Rights & Environment
                                   Protection Organization

10.40-11.00                Tea Break

11.00-12.30                Kids’ Guernica for Peace by the Fine Art Faculty of the Kabul University     

12.30-14.00                Lunch and prayers

14.00-16.30                Group discussions on the above mentioned topics (10 groups)
16.30-19.00                Groups’ moderators presentations
19.00-20.30                Concert of Peace by Afghan musicians & dinner  

January 28

08.00-09.00                Registration 
09.00-09.15                Right to good governance and peace process in Afghanistan
                                   Prof. Sarwar Mamound
09.15-09.30                Afghan Parliament and its two experiences to strengthen peace/ parliament and civil
                                   society cooperation
                                   Eng. Sultanzoy
09.30-09.45                International community role in the peace building and reconstruction process
09.45-10.00                Women empowerment and peace process
10.00-10.15                Major challenges (drugs, terrorism, warlords) towards peace and development
10.15-10.30                Coordination of civil society, governmental and international actor’s efforts for peace
                                   and reconstruction in the Southern Zone
10.30-10.45                Media role in current situation
                                   Danish Karrokhail
10.45-11.00                How to effectively strengthen the Afghan civil society links with the international
                                   Marco Braghero

11.00-11.15                Tea Break

11.15-11.30                Presentation and adoption of “Afghana Document” from Italian Civil society
11.30-12.30                Conference Resolution drafting – Plenary Discussion on the resolution draft - Adoption
                                   of the resolution

12.30-13.00                Speech by Italian Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister Patrizia Sentinelli
13.00 – 13.30             Speech by His Excellency Hamid Karzai, President of the Islamic Republic of

13.30-14.00                Question and answers for the media

14.00                          Lunch - End of the conference