ANCB network participants associations

Abdulhaq Foundation
Afghan Amputee Bicyclist for Rehabilitation and Recreation
Afghan and Help Training Program
Afghan Bureau for Consultancy
Afghan Bureau for Reconstruction
Afghan Community and Rehabilitation Unit
Afghan Community Development Organization
Afghan Country Social Service Organization
Afghan Development Association
Afghan Development Foundation
Afghan Development Vocational and Training Program
Afghan General Help Coordination Office
Afghan Health and Development Service
Afghan Institute for Learning
Afghan Medical Welfare Association
Afghan Mobile Reconstruction Association
Afghan Peace Seeker Women Councial
Afghan Planing Agency
Afghan Public Welfare Organization
Afghan Reconstruction and Logistic Unit
Afghan Reconstruction and Welfare Organization
Afghan Rehabilitation and Education Organization
Afghan Relief and Rehabilitation
Afghan Relief and Rehabilitation Organization
Afghan Social Services Coordination
Afghan Social Services Organization
Afghan Support Agency
Afghan Technical Consultants
Afghan Welfare Affiars Organization
Afghan Women and Children Development Organization
Afghan Women and Kids Education Niceties
Afghan Women Association for Rehabilitation and Development
Afghan Women Association for social assistance
Afghan Women Council
Afghan Women Organization
Afghan Women Service and Education
Afghan Women Vocational Skill Learning Center
Afghan Women Welfare Department
Afghan Women Welfare Organization
Afghan Women,s Cultural and Education Organization
Afghan Women,s Education Center
Afghanistan Human Rights Organization
Afghanistan Independent Rehabilitation Organization
Afghanistan National Association for Rehabilitation
Afghanistan National Development Authority
Afghanistan Reconstruction Social and Health Assistance Committee
Afghanistan Rehabilitation and Development Center
Afghanistan Rehabilitation and Development Consultancy Unit
Afghanistan Rehabilitation and Development Program
Afghanistan Rehabilitation and Education Program
Afghanistan Rehabilitation and Engineering Center
Afghanistan Rehabilitation Program
Afghanistan Tower Reconstruction Center
Agency for Assistance and Development of Afghanistan
Agency for Building a New Afghanistan
Agency for Counsultancy for Training
Agency for Farming Support
Agency for Rehabilitation and Development of Afghanistan
Agency for Rehabilitation Assistance and Development of Afghanistan
Agency for Rehabilitation Assistance and Development of Afghanistan
Agency for Rehabilitation Energy Conservation in Afghanistan
Agency for Social Services and Rehabilitation of Afghanistan
Agriculture and Health Development Organization
Agriculture and Mechanic for Afghans
Agriculture Development Network for Afghanistan
Ahmad Shah Abdali Rehabilitation Foundation
Ahmad Shah Baba Reconstruction Organization
Aide Development the Economic of Rural and Agriculture for Afghanistan
Aide to Afghan Women and Children
All Afghan Women Union
Amo Rehabilitation Development
Ariameher Rehabilitation Establishment
Bakhtar Relief Association
Basic Afghanistan Service
Basic Education and Employable Training
Baz Construction Unit for Rehabilitation of Afghanistan
Behsood Rehabilitation and Organization
Behzad Health Center
Blind,s Roshandillan Association of Afghanistan
Bureau for Reconstruction and Development
Bureau for Rehabilitation and Adding Organization
Central Afghanistan Welfare Committee
Chaltan Development and Rehabilitation Unit
Committee for Development Of Afghanistan
Committee for Rehabilitation Aid to Afghanistan
Community Development Agency for Afghanistan
Cooperation and Development Center for Afghanistan
Cooperation Center for Afghanistan
Cooperation for Peace and Unity
Coordination Of Afghan Relief
Country Development Unit
Darwaz Rehabilitation and Services Association
Development and Care Group
Development and Rehabilitation of Afghanistan
Development And Relief of Medical for Afghan Nation
Development Association for National Cooperation
Dost Engineering Group for Rehabilitation of Afghanistan
Education and Handicraft Bureau for Afghanistan
Education and Rural Development Association
Education Training Center for Poor Women and Girls of Afghanistan
Emergency Help for Development
Engineering and Medical Development for Afghanistan
Engineering Service for Afghanistan Reconstruction
Female Rehabilitation and Development Organization
Foundation for Afghanistan Rehabilitation
Generous Rehabilitation Organization
Ghazni Rural Support Program
Hamdard Health Organization
Health and Development Center for Afghan Women
Health And Development Services Of Environment And Locality
Help for Afghan Rehabilitation
Helping Afghan Farmers Organization
Hewad Reconstruction Health and Humanitarian Assistance Committee
Hijrat Welfare Organization
Hiwad Rehabilitation Project
Human Assistance Organization
Human Save Guard Association
Humanitarian Assistance for Welfare for Afghanistan
Humanitarian Assistance Muska
Humanitarian Assistance Network and Development
Humanitarian Assistance Organization For Afghanistan
Humanitarian Assistance Society
Hurizon Rehabilitation of Afghanistan
Independent Humanitarian Services Association
Just for Afghan Capacity and Knowledge
Khatiz Organization for Rehabilitation
Khuram And Sarbag Rehabilitation Organization
Kosha Agriculture Consultancy Organization
Kunduz Rehabilitation Agency
Lmar Rehabilitation Organization for Afghanistan
Maihan Rehabilitation Agency
Mailan Rehabilitation Association for Afghanistan
Maiwand Social Service Association
Mehterlam Coordination Assistance
Mine Clearance Planning Agency
Mobile Emergency Medical Center
Multi Ethnic Afghan Schools and Humanitarian Assistance
Muslim Association Development and Rehabilitation for Afghanistan
Mutahed Rehabilitaton and Development Association
Nangarhar Reconstruction Organization for Afghanistan
National Consultancy Relief Association and Date of Organization
Noor Education Center
Organization of Rehabilitation and Protection of Environment
Pamir Development Authority for Afghanistan
Partners Revitalization and Building
Paryan Rehabilitation Organization
Pedram Development Organization
Public Foundation for Rehabilitation of Afghanistan
Reconstruction and Social Services for Afghanistan
Rehabilitation Agency for Hendokosh
Rehabilitation and Coordination Organization for Afghanistan
Rehabilitation and Development Organization
Rehabilitation and Development Organization Afghanistan
Rehabilitation and Engineering Company of Afghanistan
Rehabilitation Organization of Afghanistan
Revival of Professional Skills for Afghanistan
Rural Rehabilitation and Development Organization For Afghanistan
Samandar Development Program
Sanayee Development Organization
Save The Environment Afghanistan
Sayed Jamaludin Afghani Welfare Organization
Security Agency Of Humanitarian For Afghanistan Reconstruction
Shams Women's Need and Help Organization
Share Love for Afghan People
Sharq Foundation for Rehabilitation And Development
Social and Humanitarian Assistance for Rehabilitation of Afghanistan
Social and Technical Association for Afghanistan Rehabilitation
Social Service Development Reconstruction Organization
Social Services Health and Agricultural Organization
Social Volunteer Foundation
Society for Afghanistan Development and Association Technology
Special Olympics Afghanistan
Supporting Agency for Economic Development
Tawfeeq Coordination Development Organization
Technical And Coordination Service For Afghanistan Rehabilitation
Training Human Rights Association
United Medical Center for Afghans and Rehabilitation Program for
Vice of Women Organization
Wadan Afghanistan
Wadan Omar Drills Rehabilitation Organization
Wahaj Rehabilitation and Development Organization
Watan Rehabilitation Agency
Watan Rehabilitation Oganization
Watan's Social and Technical Service Association
Watanpal Rehabilitaiton Organization
Welfare and relief Agency
Welfare and Relief Organization
Women and Reconstruction of Yasir for Afghanistan
Women Assistance Association
Women Development Program for Afghanistan
Women Social Role Organization
Women's Unity for Rehabilitaion
Youth Assembly for Afghanistan Rehabilitation
Youth Association for Rehabilitation of Afghanistan

ACSF network participant associations

Afghan Development Association (ADA)
Afghan NGO Coordination Body (ANCB)
Afghan Women Educational Center (AWEC)
Afghan Women Network (AWN)
Afghan Women Resource Center (AWRC)
Afghan Youth Coordination Agency (AYCA)
Afghan Youth for Unity (AYFUn)
Agency for Rehabilitation and Energy Conservation in Afghanistan (AREA)
Aryamehr Rehabilitation Establishment (ARE)
Cooperation Center for Afghanistan (CCA)
Cooperation for Peace and Unity (CPAU)
Coordination of Afghan Relief (CoAR)
Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance (CHA)
Development & Humanitarian Services for Afghanistan (DHSA)
Education Center for Poor Women (ECW)
Foundation for Culture and Civil Society (FCCS)
Free and Fair Elections Foundation (FEFA)
Hariwa Rehabilitation Unite (HRU)
Norwegian Project Office/Rural Rehabilitation Association for Afghanistan (NPO/RRAA)
Reconstruction Services for Afghanistan (RSA)
Sanayee Development Foundation (SDF)
Tribal Liaison Office (TLO)
Youth and Children Development Forum (YCDP)

Italian NGOs

AISPO Associazione Italiana per la Solidarietà tra i Popoli
ALISEI Associazione per la Cooperazione Internazionale e l’Aiuto Umanitario
FOCSIV Volontari nel Mondo
INTERSOS Organizzazione Umanitaria per l’Emergenza

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